• Winthrop's UFO (Undeniably Factual Observation) | Brookline, MA
  • SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) | Grand Rapids, MI
  • Solid Illusion | Brookline, MA
  • North Square | Boston, MA
  • Bill Russell Legacy Project | Boston, MA
  • Proposal for a Park Sculpture | Boston, MA
  • The Amazing Aquavator! | Los Angeles, CA
  • Sarasota National Cemetery | Sarasota, FL
  • The Canyon World | Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Proposal for Poe Square | Boston, MA
  • Reading Figures | Boston, MA
  • Walsh Jesuit High School Rotunda | Akron, OH
  • The Gateway of Books | Hartford, CT
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea | Foxboro, MA
  • The Oxherding Series | Raymond, NB
  • Watchers
Winthrop's UFO
SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)
Solid Illusion
North Square Public Art Project
Bill Russell Legacy Project
Park Sculpture Proposal
Sarasota National Cemetery
The Canyon World
Vertical Lobby Sculpture Proposal
Grand Rapids Community Legends
Edgar Allan Poe Proposal
Reading Figures
Walking Figures
Gateway of Books Proposal
20,000 Leagues
Oxherding Series